Namba Parks Roof Gardens — Osaka, Japan

Osaka has several world class shopping districts and miles of shopping arcades, malls and streets. Osaka's shopping combines upscale, brand name and designer goods with inexpensive thrift shops and discount chains. Namba in the south, and Umeda in the north comprise the two primary shopping districts in the city. The Umeda area (also known as Kita) is served by JR Osaka Station (JR大阪駅) and Umeda Station, while the Namba area (also known as Minami) is served by Namba Station. Both areas have large concentration of department stores, shopping arcades and some of Japan's most extensive underground shopping malls. In between Umeda and Namba is the covered shopping arcade 心斎橋筋(Shinsaibashi-suji), one of Osaka's oldest and busiest shopping destinations which runs about 600 meters in length. Shinsaibashi Suji's collection of brand name shops, chain stores, independent boutiques and variety of restaurants makes it popular with nearly every kind of shopper. At Dotombori, Shinsaibashi Suji becomes Ebisubashi Suji, though the same shopping atmosphere remains. Some of the most unique shopping is found in Osaka's specialized districts. Amerikamura is the city's best known center of youth fashion and contains hundreds of small, inexpensive boutiques. Nearby, the Horie and Minami-senba districts cater to slighter older, more sophisticated shoppers with prices to match. Another specialized area is Nipponbashi Denden Town, dedicated to electronic and gaming goods and often compared to Tokyo's Akihabara District. Doguyasuji near Namba Station is Osaka's shopping destination for professional and amateur chefs. This short arcade sells all manner of cooking accessories, from restaurant grade stove tops to staff uniforms to pots, pans and dishes. For visitors interested in a low key shopping environment with lower prices, Tenjinbashi-Suji Shopping Street arcade boasts a varied collection of local shops in the northeastern area of Osaka, leading to Ōsaka Tenman-gū. (Shrine). Claiming to be the longest shopping arcade in Japan, at 2.6 kilometers, Tenjinbashi Suji has seemingly endless shopping options. Many of Japan's leading department stores have their headquarters and flagship stores in Osaka. The largest concentration of them is found in the Umeda district inside and around the Osaka Station City complex, where large Hankyu, Daimaru, Hanshin and Mitsukoshi-Isetan stores can be found. The Namba district hosts the flagship store of Takashimaya, while Japan's largest department store, owned by Kintetsu, was opened in 2014 in the Abenobashi Terminal Building complex next to Tennōji Station. Several modern shopping malls have also sprouted up in the city. Located just north of JR Osaka Station, Grand Front Osaka opened in 2013 with a wide array of shopping and dining opportunities in an elegant environment. Not too far away, HEP FIVE includes a Ferris wheel on its roof. Namba Parks near Namba Station combines a large green space with shopping and dining. Tempozan Marketplace in the Osaka Bay Area, is another example of a modern shopping mall complete with entertainment and dining facilities. Rinku Town, located outside of the city near Kansai International Airport 関西囯際空港, is a whole town devoted to shopping and shoppers. The main shopping destinations in Rinku Town are the Rinku Premium Outlet mall, the Seacle Rinku Osaka mall and an Aeon Shopping Mall. Source: