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Hui Hang Caravan Trail

Hui Hang Caravan Trail – Anhui Province, China

Getting to Hui Hang Caravan Trail, Anhui Province
Early May, 2013: In the mountains of old Anhui province, my friends, brother and I navigated the ancient merchant trail used for transporting goods between Anhui Province to Zhejiang Province. The trail is known as the Hui Hang Caravan Trail, or Huihang Gu Dao (徽杭叀道) to Chinese people.
The trail is now a travel destination complete with rustic lodging along the path. Owing to hiking during the week, the trial was pleasantly mostly empty, save for old women selling nuts and water. Here’s how the adventure went.

Jixi City The city of Jixi (η»©ζΊͺ) is located in Southern Anhui province, a four hour’s drive west of Shanghai off of the G56 freeway. It is here, nestled in the valley of the river that runs through Jixi that quality accommodation may be found.

After spending China’s labor day holiday in Nanjing, the capital of China during the days of Chiang Kai-Shek, we rented a car for 150RMB per da…