Lake Balaton – Hungary

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Photo: Alamy (Vogue)

History and Geography - 

Located within the Transdanubian region of Hungary,  Lake Balaton was formed mainly by tectonic forces 12,000-20,000 years ago. Prior to the opening of Sio-canal in 1863, its water level was 3 m higher and its surface was about twice larger than at the present.

A green Map  of Hungary, with Lake Balaton's location colored in blue

Global Appeal - 

At Lake Balaton, water skiing is another top attraction that brings in wide variety of travelers seeking a healthy dose of recreation with their relaxation.

The  Carp fishing isn't bad either!

With sights like these, I  have no doubts in Vogue's claim that Easten Europe will be a top travel destination in 2017 and beyond.

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