Hidden Corners Series – Le Cube Bar, Paris

Le Cube Bar embodies the quintessential qualities of our latest series: Hidden Corners

These qualities, which make the vast—and often long overlooked—corners and nooks of well-loved cities so enviable, cannot be captured with a simple set of criteria. Like the much sought-after approval of the Michelin Guide for dining, we think that certain locales possess some elusive qualities that beckon the types with a drive to wander and search for more.
With its latest architectural addition, Cube Bar's unassuming appeal has been upped that much more. With a practical sense of elegance, two transparent, geometrically shaped, dome structures have been added to the roof top, instantly making this an ideal location for reflection and rejuvenation  throughout the winter months. True to the form, the design of the domes ensures that the superb view of the Paris skyline is not obscured. Its guests have approvingly mused that the two domes look like igloos from the "far north". When stepping inside, the heated domes are said to convey a calming sense of "cocooning" for a bit before returning to the outside world. Thus, Cube bar has been unofficially christened the "Ice Cube Bar" by its keepers at Galeries Lafayette.

Le Cube Bar Paris, France Food + Drink Paris Trip Ideas dome structure Architecture sky roof building daylighting outdoor structure
Panoramic view of Paris from the rooftop terrace — Photo courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

Le Cube Bar Paris, France Food + Drink Paris Trip Ideas dome structure Architecture sky roof building daylighting outdoor structure
Take in the casual-chic vibes with the cool breeze from the finest perch in the city— Photo courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

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