Spanish Majesty upon Roman Legacy

Windows Spotlight Image Series—Ronda, Spain

Panaoramic photo of Ancient bridge leading  into the city of Ronda, Spain in the sunset
Ancient bridge leads into the city of Ronda, Spain – Photo: Windows Spotlight Images

The Province Málaga: Voyages of Space and Time 

Taken aback by the impact that this image that this one had on me, a Bing image search left us surprised to learn just how far back the history of this village stretched—even by Spanish standards:
Ancient civilizations used this mountain perch in the south of the Iberian Peninsula as a strategic location for fortified settlements, with Romans, Moors, and Visigoths each contributing to the modern-day Spanish city we now call Ronda. Puente Nuevo is the bridge we see on the right side of this picture. It’s one of three bridges that straddle El Tajo canyon, the gap that separates Ronda’s two halves. At the base of El Tajo runs the Guadalevín River, supplying Ronda with water and, these days, another breathtaking scene to delight visitors to the city. – Bing

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