Explore Portuguese Palaces – Serra da Sintra!

Pena overlooks the rocky wooded region of Serra da Sintra – Photo: Bing Spotlight Images

The Palacio Nacional da Pena is one of the finest tourist attractions of Portugal and exemplifies the 19th century Romanticism style of architecture. The palace is a hedonistic mix of vividly painted terraces, decorative battlements and mythological statues, all of which stand at stark contrast to the lush greens of the forests that encircle Pena. – sintra-portugal.com 

Quinta da Regaleira – Photo: 100orte-reisemobil.ch

Quinta da Regaleira is actually a castle, but the castle garden is the true crowd-pleaser. The fountains and caves are said to be the most impressive. In the Gruta do Labirinto there is a mysterious well without water. A spiral staircase leads from the top down nine levels to its bottom. From this fountain lead at different heights underground passages to various points of the garden. The entire surrounding mountainous wooded area of ​​Sintra, known as the Serra da Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  100orte-reisemobil.ch

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