How to make sure that you get the upgrade to first class on your next flight

Arrive Early, Look Sharp

This enlightening Travel and Leisure short suggests that wearing casual outfits may hurt your chances of being upgraded to first class seating on your next flight. The video suggests that formality of dress may be a deciding factor in cases where a frequent flyer may be eligible for a free upgrade to a first class seat. After watching, I am a bit skeptical. Travel and Leisure does not specify their sources. Were these unnamed flight attendants all employed by the same airline? It could be that some airlines are more strict than others in terms of dress code in first class or business class. Or it could depend on the time of the day or the year as well. If you are a flight attendant, or know anyone in the industry who would be able to settle this, please call it out in the comments section below. For the time being, it may be wise to simply keep this possibility in mind as you prepare for your next trip.

Comfortable clothes or comfortable seating? Window seat or aisle?  Serious business decisions!

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