Spotlight: Triglav National Park, Slovenia
First protected in 1924, offically renamed in 1961 and now covering some 838 km2, Triglav National Park is the only National Park in Slovenia and one of Europes oldest parks. Named after its highest mountain 'Triglav' (2,864m) it covers 4% of Slovenia's total land mass and is almost entirely covered by the eastern Julian Alps. Its exceptional beauty and pristine nature attracts visitors in their thousands each year to witness and experience natures deft artistry at close quaters. Lake Bohinj provides just one of the major attractions to the park. Other lakes of equal beauty are dotted throughout, along with numerous waterfalls, gorges, rivers, creeks, streams, and mountains of staggering beauty. Bordering Italy on its north-western side Triglav National Park Slovenia is a valuable preservation area of Slovenian flora, fauna and culture. It is also a valuable educational tool for future generations of visitors. (

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